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Mohd - Malaysia 

February 2019





"17 yr old had a split lip - after using the lip balm, totally cleared up in two days!! We use the healing balm for all cuts bites itches, zits whatever - it is magic!! Now with the new moisturizer my 23 and 25 yr old want more - it is healing pimples blemishes, cracked skin - brilliant stuff!! Thanks Maria - great products "

Di, New Zealand

1st Sept 2016

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" I use Hive health healing balm for everything! Blemishes, itches and irritations clear up in no time. I'm also a fan of the heat rub, which comes in a handy tube. I love that these products are all natural and smell so great. Thanks Maria! "

Susan, New Zealand

22d August 2016

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" Hive Health is amazing natural product. Love it so much want to recommend to everyone! Love love love it

Elisabeth, New Zealand

22d August 2016

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" Bravo bravo. Tus productos son increíbles ?Y los mosquitos de Colombia no gustó sus repellente ... Bravo " (Your products are amazing ? and the mosquitoes of Colombia don't liked your repellent... Congrats)

Ana, Colombia

21st August 2016

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" The most refreshing soap I've ever used will never go back to using chemical-filled soaps again. Has an awesome natural smell and made my skin feel clean without feeling heavy with product was also very nice as a shampoo substitute. Thank you Hive Health "

Kelsey, New Zealand

4th August 2016

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" Love love love these products. The lip balms are devine, the healing balm is brilliant, the soap is bliss. So incredibly amazing! Wouldn't be without them."

Jacqui, New Zealand

11th July 2016

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" I am addicted to hivehealth products!! once you tried 100% pure nature, you ll never come back to the nasty-full of chemical-supermarket products! Thank you Maria to gather the nature's finest medicine and give us the chance to access to the great healing qualities of the hive! try it and get hooked! Love you heaps

11th July 2016

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" So went on vacation from California to Hawaii and forgot to bring insect repellant, which is a problem since it seems that bugs, especially mosquitoes, seem to like me a little too much. Met a friend there that gave me a stick of her "Hive Health Insect Repellant" and can't tell you how happy I am with the product. Works great, easy to apply and smells good too. Really want to give a shout out to Hive Health New Zealand and the wonderful product they have produced. Can't wait to see it in stores here in the US as well. Mahalo! "

David, California-US

24th June 2016

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" -This stuff is the best I've tried in my life 
  -Same it is nice as!
  -My favorite !!!

8th June 2016

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"These arrived today!! Thank you so much for your beautiful hand written note accompanying your delicious soaps and balm I purchased. We are looking forward to using your soaps tonight ☺"

Jo, New-Zealand

3d June 2016

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" Great products.have used them,worth a go."

Diane, New Zealand

23d October 2015

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" I would love to buy your products Maria Stanley.. I'm sure they are made with so much love. Xxx "

Julie, New Zealand

26th Sept 2015

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"..maria lip balm is great"

Win, New Zealand

24th Sept 2015

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"I have been using maria's creams and lip balm for the past 6 months i cant beleive how well they have healed blemishes, spots, cracked lips, and pimples and i want to use these products for the rest of my life im sold never stop making this stuff maria."

Tania, New-Zealand

22d September 2015

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" [a friend] gave me some of your amazing balm last week and we're totally in love. Whole family is using it. Clearing random cuts/scrapes/bruises on my toddler amazingly. Wonderful on my chapped hands and hubby has used it on a few ailments. Incredible. The best cream I've tried. So impressed! "

Jacqui, New Zealand

27th August 2015

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" Hey Maria & Team, When will you guys start selling your amazing honey at the Farmers markets, or other selling points? We love the taste of your honey, and want to know where we can get some. Thanks

The team at WAVE Creative Communications :-) "

Suzi, New Zealand

14th July 2015

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" Great product Maria. It's fixed the tinnia on my toes and red rash under my arm pit that developed ...what's more...it's great for men like me who can't complete routinely applications twice daily for a week or two of modern medicine due to busy -Ness and forgetfulness because with your cream one two or three treatments and it's all over rover.."

Mustak, Aotearora

20th May 2015

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"We have used this cream for all sorts of things from acne dry skin patches cold sores cuts etc.It is great I would recommend it to any one and all natural."

Diane, New-Zealand

19th May 2015

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Thanks so much for the prompt delivery and the extra lip balm. Two of the jars will be going to my mother in Austria. The Manuka healing balm really helped her with a long standing skin issue on her hands.

Ingrid,  New Zealand 

July 2017

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Is there any chance of picking up some kawakawa balm? My daughter has had all sorts prescribed by the doctors but it appears your cream worked magic on her.


Dec 2017, New Zealand

Via Pages Manager



Hi there, just wondering if you have any stockists or do any markets in the Mount/Tauranga area? I use your lip balm and am needing some more - it is the best natural one Ive used, I love it!


Via Pages Manager

22nd Jan 2018


I live in Tauranga can I buy from you besides online ? I brought one of your Manuka healing soaps scented rose geranium at the Rotorua markets and loved it! If not when is your next market and whereabouts?


March 6th 2018

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I absolutley love your heat rub. Like to order two more please Maria.


 20 June 2018

Nyree via gmail



KAREN ..Is this the one you love Debbie, The insect repellent?

DEBBIE.. Yes and the heat rub is amazing. 

Karen and Debbie 

Hive Health NZ Facebook post

20 June 2018


Your Kawakawa and Poroporo Balm 1 weeks healing. Amazing

One week difference after using your kawakawa and Poroporo Balm. Amazing worked so well.

Tanya January 2019